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Sarp Yilmaz - Ode To Virgins Ep

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///////// FVSP003 - Sarp Yilmaz - Ode To Virgins Ep

Label: freaky vibes

cat.#: FVSP003

Artist: Sarp Yilmaz

Title: Ode To Virgins Ep

Release Date: Sep 19 2011


///////// Tracklist

1. A Night with You (Original Mix)

2. Ode to Virgins (Original Mix)

3. Senorita (Original Mix)

4. Don't go On me (Original Mix)


///////// Release info

Freaky Vibes is proud to present "Ode To Virgins Ep ".

This release will amaze you with the smooth and researched sound that characterizes Sarp Yilmaz's productions, with its deep and funky approach it will satisfy even the most refined listeners. Thanks for your support, enjoy this one and stay tuned until the next one.


///////// Listen Here


///////// Feedbacks

Satoshi Tomiie: thank you.DL now.

Mark Farina: vibin' it

Richie Hawtin (Minus): download for r hawtin

Paco Osuna (Plus 8): Downloaded thank you :) will try it !!!!

Luciano *(Cadenza): Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour): will test

Xpansul: Wow! Superb Deep stuff!

DFRNT: Loves me a bit of deep house, and you can't argue with that piano. Thank you!

Sossa (circoloco ): nice….

Benji Candelario: Funky tune!!

Ralf (Laterra): Don't go on me is my fav...thx

Nick Holder (Dnh records): Don't Go on me is dope! *Thanks for sending!

Marvin Zeyss (Urban Torque, 1Trax, Night Drive): Super EP , especially like Dont go on me!

Anderson Noise: downloading thanks

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Liebe*Detail, Dirt Crew): A Night With You would make for a good closing track I think. Ode to Virgins is superb. Love the droney stuff.

Gabriel Marchisio *(Ministry/Pacha/Cancun): thanks for sending

Franky B aka Cryptic Monkey: Full Support!!! Like It!

Orde Melkle (Soma Records / Slam): will road test thanx

Sami Wentz (Wentz Records - Noir Music): Downloaded for Sami, thanks

Arnaud (Input Selector): ode to virgins is great!

Andrea Ferlin: downloading thanks

de bug (De:Bug): review to follow

Richie (untitledmusic): Great stuff - really different!

Dj Vak (InsomniaFM / SSRadioUK): Don't go on me is pretty good track. Thanks!

Felix JR (Ibiza Global Radio): I like it, nice

MusicSenses Blog: Senorita is our fav. Support.

A.Cue (head of sounds realy good - we will play on!

Mixside ( Totally groovy !!! Great !!! Really cool, we'll support on our wall

Todd Burns (RAdvisor): Thanks! Downloading

Oxide *( 1 holy shit this is the bomb, sexy smooth track i'll be dropping this this friday/saturday night for sure. slick guitar in the background pushing that soulful groove2 another sweet deep and minimaly moving track that will work great for transitions into my tech dj friends3 i liek it but coudl love it, lots of good moving parts that need to be more accentuated and the horn stab needs to go4 good for the slow down into more loungey material

Dave Johnson *(AREA 32 RADIO): All very nice deep house tracks, well impressed Thanks.

Tim Thaler (BLN.FM): Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Adam R (Global Dance Session): 'Ode to Virigins' is gold!

Catastrophic *(Tunnel FM): Great EP, thanks a lot ;)

Luca Doobie (radio popolare - amnesia milano): don't go on me and senorita are cool for me, i'm allways into some sarp's cut ;) Thanks. Review to follow.

Khaan (OFF/Natural Rhythm/BluFin/My Cup Of Tea/Tanzbar /): groovy stuff,,, me likey,,,download for khaan!!!

Baggi *Begovic (Flaminngo, Spinnin, Stealth): this EP is serious!!! WoW

Dj Raid *(Monique Musique, Shitfuck Records, Simplex Records, BDR Music, B): delicious :)

Dj Fiore: Downloading thank you..Don't go on me and Senorita for me..

Essential Deluxe: Sounds deep and enigmatic. A treat for the ears.

Kevin Shiu (Frisky radio,Powerplant music,Sex on Wax,Hype Musik.): Ode to Virgins is super nice deeep house! Thanks!

Sasha Le Monnier (C.O.U. Muzik, Stripped Digital,Source Of Gravity)_ Ode to Virgin is lovely!

Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital Inc / Stripped Muzik Club): Support, thanks

Israel Vich (Monique Musique/Shitfuck Records/Pantamuzik): dont go on me for me thanx .

Alex Kiss (Great Stuff): a night with you is lovely!!! will play

Andrea Cassino (Lapsus, Lowbit, Particles): Ode To Virgins is my vibe here..thanks!

The Junkies *(Local / Rawthentic): We'll try "Ode To Virgins"

Tony Craig (Modifi Music): A night with you is very cool!

Funk Shuei (Dialtone): A Night With You is sexy, great for our beach parties...

Yan Stricker (!Organism Rec.): "Ode To Virgin" ! Perfect .. Deep as I like !

and many more…


///////// Promoted by

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Tania Cooper, London

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