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Bengalore - 123/We Push Push

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//////// B9005 - Bengalore - 123/We Push Push - Bass9 Records

Artist: Bengalore

Title: 123/We Push Push

Label: Bass9 Records

Format: Digital

Release Date: Nov 01 2011


///////// Tracklist

1. 123 (Original Mix)

2. 123 (A/0 Rmx)

3. We Push Push (Original Mix)


///////// Release info

BASS9 RECORDS leads us on an exciting journey into Minimal Techno sonorities with its new release by German duo Bengalore.

In this project we are presented two versions of "123"; an original mix that contains sporadic acid synth sounds that will blow your mind and a faster remix by the talented producer A/0 in his trademark style.

The third track, “We Push Push”, is layered with off-beat synth stabs & a rolling bass line that delivers an hypnotic & powerful minimalistic groove.. .


///////// Listen Here


///////// Feedbacks

Paco Osuna (Plus 8): downloaded thank you

Mario Più (Fahrenheit Music): 123 (original mix) for me! thanx

Paul Van Dyk (Vandit): Thanks downloading for PvD

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour): downloading for Markus thanks

Sossa (circoloco ): nice....

Gabriel Ananda (Basmati + Wir-Network): we push push sounds interesting! i ́ll try it out.


Israel Vich (Monique Musique/Shitfuck Records/Pantamuzik): thanx for sending

Anderson Noise: downloading thanks

Hippie Torrales: 123 Original nice deep & quirky track

Alfonso Padilla: downloading Thanks.

Markus Wesen (Ohral, Blu-Fin, Tanzbar): 123 original one is for me

Gabriel Marchisio (Ministry/Pacha/Cancun): downloading thanks



Todd Burns (RAdvisor): Thanks! Downloading. Cool, we'll support.

De:Bug (De:Bug): review to follow

Tsugi: cool one

MusicSenses Blog: 123 Original for us.

Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS): nicee..

Mixside: This is great !!!!

James Diamond (Techno.FM): great realese! For review

Conecta FM: Thanks

Deep South Audio (VolcanoRadio ): Nice Grooves . Thanks

Nick Varon: d.l thanks :)

Luca Doobie (radio popolare - amnesia milano): boh 123 for me thnx ;)

Dr.Zoldberg: Nice one! Downloading for electrosound.tvThank you

David Granha (Sudbeat, Natura Sonoris, Parquet): Nice release and very original, thanks guys

Bastard Boys: Nice release :)

and many more...


///////// Promoted by

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Tania Cooper,


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