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Cloning Sound presents: Kaiq & Adriano Costa - Awakening / Body Steps

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Following the idea of upgrading Cloning Sound’s roster with forward-thinking artists worldwide, the label bosses Pacho & Pepo make their next choice. The latest release belongs to a Brazil-based duo: Kaique Palota a.k.a. Kaiq, who has been gaining notoriety for his successful releases under some of the most appreciated labels such as Moan Recordings, and gifted DJ & producer Adriano Costa. The package contains two deep tech house tracks based on solid production work, ‘Awakening’ & ‘Body Steps’. They are now available on Beatport.


Have a listen to the tracks preview on SoundCloud:


Kaiq & Adriano Costa – Awakening (Original Mix)


Get your legal copy of ‘Awakening’ on Beatport:



Kaiq & Adriano Costa – Body Steps (Original Mix)


Download ‘Body Steps’ from Beatport:



Stay tuned with the latest projects under Cloning Sound:



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