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Cloning Sound presents: Pacho & Pepo - From The East With Love

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Decoded Magazine: “Pacho and Pepo are well known artists within the Eastern European electronic music scene. They began their music career over 20 years ago and cover a wide range of styles including deep house and tech house. Here the duo release the “From The East With Love EP” on Cloning Sound which will be the labels 28th release. […] If you like your groovy tech house you will like this release. Great tracks for those house nights that require a bit more thought from their grooves.”

Read more on Decoded Magazine:



Listen to the “From The East With Love” release package on Beatport exclusively:


1. Pacho & Pepo – From The East With Love (Original Mix)



2. Pacho & Pepo – In My Mind (Original Mix)



3. Pacho & Pepo – The Change (Original Mix)



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